Welcome to the Orchard Network of Excellence - ONE

The knowledge share centre for commercial cider and perry fruit growers


The Orchard Network of Excellence is the centre for the growers of commercial cider and perry fruit in Britain. It is supported by the countries leading cider makers and is funded by the National Association of Cider Makers (NACM).  We have over 100 commercial growers registered with numbers increasing every year. With some of the best growers in the country and access to the key movers and shakers in the cider industry you will be part of an effective and worthwhile group. 


The aims of ONE are simply to: 

  • to be the place to find information, advice and support for growers
  • to improve the quality and quantity of fruit to the benefit of the grower, cider maker and consumer of cider and perry


Preserving the Heritage of British Orchards

British apples and pears have been grown to produce cider and perry for centuries. Over this period, the ways in which we grow the fruit has changed dramatically to meet the ever-evolving needs of cider makers, drinkers and the growers themselves. 

Whole new planting systems have been developed, alongside hundreds of new fruit varieties and many rootstocks. As a result, yields have increased by a factor of ten over the past 50 years alone and new techniques -  better for the grower, drinker, communities and the environment - are constantly being sought and brought into practice.


How to become a member of ONE

ONE is an organisation open to anyone who grows cider and perry with an emphasis on commercial growers.  You will meet like minded people and benefit from our extensive knowledge of expertise and useful rescources plus many other benefits. 

ONE brings growers together from across the growing regions in order to continue this good work and provide one central resource for their specific needs.

With the support from the countries and the world's leading cider makers ONE is a key force in the world of cider and is set to expand in future years as the demand for high quality cider and perry grows worldwide.


Rich with heritage and bursting with flavour, character and health-boosting antioxidants, British cider apples and pears can be grown for many centuries to come with support from groups like ONE.